Project Lifesaver

It is not uncommon for those caregivers with loved ones affected from a memory disorder to be concerned about them wandering, becoming disoriented or getting lost. Project Lifesaver is an organization that partners with citizens, municipalities and local Alzheimer’s groups to help ease the minds of those caregivers who worry about their loved one and help maintain the safety of the individual with a memory disorder.

Through radio technology, your loved one can wear a small transmitter on the wrist or ankle that will enable them to be tracked should they ever go missing. Should your loved one wander, caregivers simply need to contact Project Lifesaver, and emergency response teams will respond. According to Project Lifesaver, the average recovery time is 30 minutes, which is 95% less than standard operations.

Search and Rescue Program

Partnered with the Indian River County Sherriff’s Department, the Center for Memory and Motion is able to provide your loved one with the tracking device. To enroll your loved one with the Project Lifesaver Search and Rescue program, please contact us today.

Protect and Locate Program

Project Lifesaver also offers an additional program called Protect and Locate. This program differs than the Search and Rescue program in that your loved one will wear a digital tracking device, but when he or she breaches the perimeter that you have set, a notification will be alerted to you.

Although the Center for Memory and Motion does not offer this program in their services, you can enlist the help of this device by contacting Project Lifesaver.

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