Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver is a FREE program that can help!

Do you know of anyone concerned about the safety of their loved one getting lost due to a

cognitive disorder such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Down syndrome, Autism?

We Can Help!

Project Lifesaver is a program designed to allow authorities to track and locate lost individuals.  Project Lifesaver provides a bracelet type device containing a radio transmitter which allows law enforcement to locate an audible signal that is a frequency unique to the individual device.  When a person wearing this device, is reported missing, law enforcement can track and locate the transmitter with both ground and air tracking receivers.

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The device is free and the peace of mind is invaluable!  All caregivers of our Project Lifesaver clients are grateful to have a “back up plan” in the event their loved one wanders.

Project Lifesaver is an organization that partners with citizens, municipalities, and others to help ease the minds of caregivers by providing this device and assisting in maintaining the safety of their loved ones.  According to Project Lifesaver, the average recovery time is 30 minutes, which is 95% less than standard operations.

Search and Rescue Program

Partnered with the Indian River County Sherriff’s Department, the Alzheimer & Parkinson Association can provide your loved one with a tracking device.  To enroll your loved one with the Project Lifesaver Search and Rescue program, please contact us today at 772-563-0505.

Protect and Locate Program

Project Lifesaver also offers an additional program called Protect and Locate. This program differs from the Search and Rescue program in that your loved one will wear a digital tracking device, but when he or she breaches the perimeter that you have set, a notification will be alerted to you.

Although the Alzheimer & Parkinson Association does not offer this program in their services, you can request this device by contacting Project Lifesaver.

Made possible by The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, the IRC Sheriff’s Office, and the Treasure Coast Pilot Club.