Dementia Friendly Community

The goal of the Dementia Friendly Community (DFC) initiative is to create a community of awareness that allows individuals with dementia to live as independently as possible in an environment where they are accepted as part of their community, have quality and purpose to their life, are met with understanding and are given support whenever necessary.

To achieve this goal, the Alzheimer and Parkinson Association of Indian River County provides training and education to individuals and businesses about the challenges and needs of families affected by dementia.  Through our training, participants are able to experience some of the challenges that individuals with dementia experience on a daily basis.  Participants are given educational tools and techniques to help them interact with these individuals in a meaningful and productive manner.

Individuals affected by memory impairments will benefit by thriving in an environment that reduces the stigma of dementia and feelings of isolation by providing reassurance and validation to individuals and families; which, in turn, promotes a higher quality of life within their homes and the community at large.  The community, as a whole, will improve its ability to provide appropriate care and support for our aging population, through improved public awareness, and enable it to be proactive in care for each other while creating a feeling of togetherness. 

Our training can be adapted to any business or institution, including but not limited to the following:

  • Medical community such as physician offices, health care facilities, clinics, hospitals, etc.
    • Community Businesses such as banks, retail stores, theatres, restaurants, libraries, transportation programs, etc.
    • Senior living communities
    • Emergency responders
    • Institutions of Faith
    • Government officials and offices
    • Individuals and Families

Our goal is to reach all aspects of our community as this is an issue that affects us all!